Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dabbling in Kids Clothes...

I've been quite busy lately, and its a very good thing!
I opened my shop back up and sales are rolling along at a steady pace.

A friend and I are working on designing a line of kids clothes. This is something that I feel strongly about.
My daughter is 3. Do you have a hard time finding appropriate clothing for your daughter?? I do! It seems like all the clothes out there are getting way too grown up for her. I feel like between the media and entertainment industries, they are all pushing out children to grown up too fast and I'm not a fan of that at all. You definitely will not catch Layla wearing something that says "I'm the Boss" or has "sweet" written on the backside of the pants. They them be kids, for crying out loud!

Not only that, but the clothes are junk! You wash them once or twice and they are ruined. With people being more careful with their money, its time to spend our money wisely. I would rather pay double for a dress for Layla that I know will last, them waste my money on something I will just throw away.

How do you feel about this??

We are still working on picking the fabrics and tweaking the designs but hope to make them available soon!


Melody said...

I don't have kids, but oh my goodness those clothes are the cutest! I would totally buy something for my friends kids when your clothing line does come out.

Maha said...

i should be the last one to talk since i have no children of my own and i don't live in the US .. but still :D you're right about the poor quality of the cloths in stocks either if it's of the fabrics or the designs (here in Kuwait we have a lot of international brands and cloths stores like H&M, Marks& Spencer, Mothercare and many more) and that's actually where you can find some good stuff, but still it will cost you alot!!

i like your point of view as well as your designs (the 3rd and the 4th are my favorites) & it's been a year since you wrote this post so you should have made a progress on that .. keep me updated please :)

my regards