Thursday, January 6, 2011


Another of my resolutions this year is to save money. Things always seem to be a little tight around here. When I start classes in a couple weeks, I wont be able to push my aprons and sewing as much, thus, we lose our "second income".

So with that said, I've started studying coupon stacking. It's amazing what you can get with a little brain power, organization and a handful of coupons.

Here's what I got on my first 2 trips with my coupons :)

At CVS... all of this for $7.15!

Harris Teeter is doing Super Double Coupons now through 1/11! That means, any coupon you have up to $1.98 face value, they will double it! (except coupons that say you cannot double them)

So, with my plan and super huge binder in hand, off we went!

Today damage :)

Total before savings: $47.41

Total OOP: $13.19

Thats a savings of 74%!!!

Here's a little breakdown of the prices and coupons I used...

Lysol wipes: HT 2/$4

+$1/2 Coupon (DB $2/2) = $1 each

Ziplock Big Bags: HT $1.94

+$1/1 Coupon (DB $2/1) = FREE

Muellers Pasta: HT 2/$3.00

+$1/2 Coupon (DB $2/2) = .50c each

Healthy Choice Soup: HT 2/$4

+$1/2 Coupon (DB $2/2) = $1 each

Chef Canned Pasta: HT $1 each

+.35c/3 (DB .70/3) = .77c each

Not the best Ive seen, but this is only my second trip doing this. Still, its better than paying full price and these are things that we will use. So, its all good here!

I also had planned on getting Ziplock containers, but they were sold out. So I'll be going back tomorrow :)

Stay tuned for more of my coupon shopping!



~The Bargain Babe said...

Way to go! I love couponing and CVS is great!!

Gretchen said...

I just saw the deals for next week at CVS...
Cant wait to get tomorrows paper :)