Monday, April 19, 2010

You think I can't do this???

Turns out I can!

Just because you dont ahve a man to do the work for you, doesnt mean it will never get done!

Case in point, This Gazebo. Yes... its probably about 10 feet tall, 10 feet wide, but I put it together. All by myself. Dont ask me how, Im just suprised I didnt break something! The furniture under it is new too... I put that together, all by myself. The problem is that I put it together on top of the deck, and now I cant move it. So you walk off of the raised deck right into the gazebo. Kinda cool, not sure if I like it there yet.

Onions coming up nicely. They grew all on their own while I was out of town. There are potatoes behind them coming up well too!
Some Yellow Squash I planted from seedlings. Yummy!

Keeping the pine seed/worm/thingys out of the garden is a daily task. They are all over the place!
Gardening is exhausting! But ohhh so rewarding!

I also made a container fountain for the deck. Tomorrow I will show you how I did it... for under $50!
Until then... Have a wonderful day!


Ladina said...

I love your gazebo!! I think its in a good spot! love your garden too! I can't wait till we have our own house so we can do whatever we want to do with our yard and house!! keep up the good work and I am still amazed that you put the gazebo up all by your self you go super mom!!!

Chelle said...

I absolutely LOVE it when I accomplish something without his help. Like changing the oil or the u-joint on the truck. Makes me so happy to know I can do it.

Love the gazebo it's so pretty!