Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Your Trash, My treasure

Saturday morning, before hitting the Farmer's Market, Layla and I drove around the historic Haymount District here in Fayetteville. We had a mission, find some nifty stuff at yard sales in the "good side of town". There were lots of yard sales, but we only stopped at one.

I bought these two stools, $3 a piece. Oh yeah! I had it in my head already to repaint and re-upholster them. I'm going to give you a quick run down on what to do in case you come across something you can fix up for

1. Give the furniture a quick wipe down.
Mine were pretty dusty and had a few cob webs on them.

2. Remove the tops and set aside.

3. Spray paint the wood.
 I used primer first, then applied a gloss indoor/outdoor paint.

4. While your paint is drying, remove the old upholstery from the seats.
Here's what the inside of my batting looked like... Straw!

5. Recover the Seats with a couple layers of batting, then the fabric.
To do this, simply lay the wood on top of the batting, with fabric underneath.
Then pull the fabric tight over the back of the wood and staple into place.

Note: After seeing the inside of the old batting, I was thinking about how old it could possibly be.
Then I thought how old they might be when someone decides to redo what I have done,
years down the road. So I added a little "time capsule" under the batting.

I also added a layer of clear vinyl to one of the seats, so it can go outside.

6. After the spray paint is dry, replace the seats and youre all done!


Blissfully Enamored said...

they look amazing!! you did such a great job! i am always looking for fun little pieces like that!

RoxyChic0529 said...

gretchen, you did an awesome job on these! i love it!

cuddlemeclose01 said...

Love yard sales. Is there a "good side" in Fayetteville?? I don't know. Great job on revamping those! They look fantastic!


PS. That batting looks more like pubes than straw! ewww.

Kelly Irene said...

wow! those look great! I love the florals.

PonderandStitch said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE THOSE!! Great find and I love the florals you used... I'm about to reupholster my dining room chairs and can't decide on a fabric!

Jane D. said...

how cool! i love how they turned out. so different than before, in a good way of course ;) and the floral prints add extra amazingness to it. lol!

Perfect Fit Crochet said...

Those look fantastic!!!

Kelley said...

Wow, these are so cute! Great job. You should consider submitting them to Design Sponge!

Gretchen said...

Thanks everyone!
I think refinishing antique furniture is a hand-me-down skill... from my mom.

What is design sponge?

Edith said...

Wow! I only came upon this post now, but I love what you did to them! I am always fixing up old furniture, too, and I love the 'time capsule' that you added. I will do that to my next project, too!

Larri SeamsInspired said...

They turned out great! Love the fresh colors you chose. Found you through google while needing some inspiration. Definitely found it here. :)

PS...That's not straw. It's horse hair (or hog hair). Happy Saturday! :)