Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How to Make a Container Fountain for Under $50!

I saw the idea for this in a magazine and want to share with you how I did it. Its super easy and makes a soothing trickle sound when turned on. I bought all my supplies at Home Depot, so I will show you their prices (military gets 10% off too!)  Here goes!

You will need:
A Large Pot- $24.98 (you can find cheaper, but I like this pot)
A Small Fountain Pump- $17.94
Pea Stones- $3.38
Decorative Pond Stones (optional)- $1.89

Total: $48.19

Here's What you do:
1. Rinse pot and pebbles. I put the pebbles in the pot and rinsed them until the water ran clear.
2. Follow set-up instructions for your fountain pump. Once you have it all together, set them pump inside the pot on top of the rocks. You can also bury the pump with rocks.
3. Fill the pot with water and Plug in your pump. Note: Always arrange a Drip Loop on the power cord. This means that the cord needs to hang lower than the outlet when plugged in. Otherwise, the water will run into the outlet and you will probably get electricuted (please dont call me when that happens... I wont answer :)

I run my pump all day and unplug it at night. At first, my pump made a loud noise, but after a day of running it, the noise went away.

Now close your eyes and imagine you are somewhere far away! What an easy and cheap way to relax!

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Terri Morris said...

Thanks for the instructions on how to make a planter fountain. I can't wait to make one and enjoy the relaxing sound of trickling water. You should post a photo of how yours turned out.