Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Setting up the Raised Garden Beds

Monday, I layed the groundwork for my garden.
Im having trouble with my card reader so Ive adding stock pictures until I can fix it.. or find my camera cord... sorry!

I started by going to Lowes to get the boards to make a raised bed. As I was wandering around the garden center, I stumbled on some raised bed "kits". They consist of 4 planks the set into each other to make a 4'x4' frame for the beds. One 4x4 section can be broken down into 16 one foot sections, so I bought 2 of the bed kits. They cost $69 each. A little on the pricey side but you could always just buy the boards and build them yourself. Being that I have no man to do the hard work for me at the moment.. I chose the easy way out.

Wait did I say easy?? Not all of it. Good thing I took the truck to Lowes because I ended up getting 8 bags of Organic Compost and 6 bags of Organic Soil. These are not light! After digging out the ground (my backyard is very slanted) to set the bed frames.. it was all I could muster to get the compost bags out of the truck, one by one, and into the beds.

Oh how I wish Bryan was here to do the heavy lifting! But, hey, maybe I'll lose some weight doing this. Heavy lifting, walking with the weight, digging in the dirt... fresh air...

Its been a little chilly here lately so I am waiting for a sunny day to add the soil to the beds and test the soil. More on that later.

I'm also starting my seeds inside to make sure they are strong before I put them in the ground. I've seen conflicting opinions on whether I should have started them earlier or not, but this is a "live and learn" experience for me. More on that later as well.

Also more on my trip to the shamefully lacking farmers market here in town and oiur surprising stocked Wal-mart trip.... later. I am learning alot very quickly so I need to spread things out to give you something to read!

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