Saturday, November 21, 2009

A New Venture

I have no idea how mnay days its been since Bryan left by the way....

I've been making Layla dresses for a while now. Sometimes she will wear them. Sometimes she refuses. It all stemmed from wanting her to wear cute things, but not wanting to pay $50 for something she will outgrow in a month.

So here is her Thanksgiving Day dress. I tried a different pattern this time. It came out pretty well I think!

And Im thinking about adding them to my shop... Maybe a couple Christmas dresses for right now to see how they do. I will make them available in sizes 6months-4T.

Im also making my nephew a quilted jacket for Christmas... More on that later!

Hope everyone is doing well!



Linda said...

What a pleasure it was perusing your blog. Thanks so much for the tutorials. The little box bag would have given me some problems had I attempted it by myself. I, too, enjoy figuring out how something is made and I've gotten quite good at it. This tutorial gave me one more piece of information on how to make things. Thanks, Linda

Linda said...

I was an army wife during the Vietnam War. That was many years (and children) ago. :) God bless.