Friday, September 11, 2009

7-11 Rearranging

Do you remember what its like to have your own room?? Its lovely!

I figured that I have a year to make things they way I want them. When Bryan gets home, we can decide if it should stay this way.

So I switched the Master Bedroom and the Office around. Our bed and Bryans dresser is now in the 3rd bedroom (where the office used to be).
I decorated pretty girly. When I have a man to take care of, I dont want it to be too fru-fru.

And I put all the office furniture in the master bedroom.

Theres more space here for me to work. I can consolidate all the "work" stuff to this room... including laundry.

And now we have a pseudo guest room again! yay!

Am I boring all of you with my constant rearranging??? Well, it should stay like this for a bit. Should...

Shop talk: I'm working on a design for a new clutch wallet. Tweaking and making a few to show you tomorrow.

Free shipping this weekend too!!

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RoxyChic0529 said...

i LOVE rearranging! you did a good job! :)