Sunday, September 6, 2009

4..5..6 Strength and Courage

Ive been very busy the past few days. But I have learned alot.

1. A power of attorney will not allow you to cash savings bonds in your husbands name.

2. Don't wait so long to make the call.

3. Washable Crayons are a MUST! Especially when they are used to "decorate" the beige sofa.

4. Having a Sale does not guarantee sales.

5. I need to start stocking up for the Holiday season.

6. I have it in me to create.. I need to have the courage to be myself.

7. My mood is dependant upon how many days since I've heard from him.

8. Layla wipes off my kisses when Im not looking.

9. God always pulls us through... sometimes He just waits till the last minute so you know its Him.

10. This song is beautiful, heart breaking, moving and my new favorite. Listen to it.

Full of Grace-Sarah Mclauhlan

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