Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Well.. Last night went better than expected. No boohooing for me. I'm just trying to stay busy and not think about things. Theres no use in sinking into a deep dark hole over something you can do nothing about.

So I had many phone calls today: Mom, Stef, Stef and Andrea, Calen, Andrea again, Cindy. Guess I'll have to call Noni tomorrow.. She's probably waiting with baited breath.

And I started moving Bryans stuff to the closet. I cant bring myself to Put his clothes away just yet... maybe a few more days.

Not much to write about today... its just trying to sink in I think. Layla asked where Daddy was today. How do I explain this to a toddler??

This weeks projects:
1: Potty Training!!! (that should keep me busy)
2: Working on some new clutches... my shops looking a little bare.

Off to bed...Goodnight


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Valerie's Essentials said...

You'll know what to say when the time comes... Mom's know their kids and knows what they can handle and what words will sooth and reassure them. He's off to protect our entire country and making America a better place for everyone to live. He's being a hero for all of us. Look up in the sky and see the moon. Know that he is looking at that same moon. Say your prayers and know God is looking after him and that he loves you both with all of his heart. And knows ya'll love him with yours. You are one strong person (mom, wife, women) Gretchen! Tell him we are praying for his safe return as well and his dedication to America and all of us is very much appriciated! He is a very special person. Not everyone can or would do his job! You are a special person as well, holding down the fort and being supportive for him! God Bless you, him and all the people in service as well as their families! Hugs to ya'll.