Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Creative Space...

My Space is being a little neglected today. I do have a couple custom oreders to fill but Im waiting till I finish cleaning first.

This is where I keep the things that make me happy or that need attention. It is my antique birds eye maple baby dresser! I love it! On top is a copy of one of the most gorgeous Marie mags Ive seen, and a couple vintage tea cups to match. An ACU bag that I made for my self that I need to remind hubby to get me some patches for, a bag that I need to put away and a cactus garden that probably needs a smidge of water. Oh yeah, those dangly blue things are some awesome Twisty Tee's from theriveriseverywhere on Etsy. I love them! And of course... the pile of lovely fabric just waiting to be cut up and turned into something fabulous!

But all these things need to wait.. just until later.... Either I have lost my sanity or I'm having a brief earth shaking change in my life.

The Catalyst....

If you are a mom... Im sure you know what this is. If youre not... let me explain. This is our lifeline... the sanity keeper... the very thing that keeps prying toddlers out of chemical cabinets and in this case, my pantry. Well, the stupid thing broke last night!

So, Im in the process of finding the other latch I know I have somewhere and the kids start getting into the TV stand and pulling out all the DVDs and Wii remotes... OH hell no! So I abandon the latch for a different cabinet lock for the TV stand. As I'm on the floor screwing the locks to keep them out of the DVDS, it becomes Iced Oatmeal Cookie Free-For-All in the pantry! AHHHHH!!

So I've decided to have a makeover. If I havent used it since Christmas.. its gone. Clothes, linens, toys, kitchen items.. you name it. I want nice things. And I want a nice home. But I can have it with all the clutter and stuff I hold onto... Im done! I gave a friend and big bag of sheets and they will be buying our Futon for $50 tomorrow. Thank God I can get that thing out of my living room!

Anyone have the urge to clean??? Slough off the excess? Exfoliate your life? Let me know! We can do it together!

Back to work! Good luck everyone!



Emily Ann said...

I know what you mean girl, I hold onto everything too. Love all the pink in that one picture!

Rachel said...

Yeah, when I'm in the mood to toss things there is no force on earth that can stop me! :-)

Kirsty said...

I'm planning a massive "cleanse" when we move into the new house.