Tuesday, June 2, 2009

OH the things I should be doing...

I should be...
-cleaning the house
-working on this idea I have... I know it will work...just being lazy
-using up the 4 yards of rope I bought.
-using up all my supplies, as a matter of fact
-working on my art journal
-re-doing some pictures

But I'm not doing any of these things. Instead, I am...
-blogging (hopefully you appreciate it)
-waiting for Layla to get up from her nap
-waiting for my camera battery to charge
-hurry up and wait!

Check it out! I'm running a Promo this month at http://www.prettylittlepearl.etsy.com/

I think I'm going to throw together a picnic dinner and take it out to the pool. Could be fun. Its way too hot to even think about cooking. Hope you all stay cool and have a great evening!

p.s. "do whatever you want" does not mean "Buy a motorcycle" I case anyone was wondering.

More on that when I cool down.

1 comment:

Valerie's Essentials said...

Gretchen those are SUCH GREAT PICS!!! Man she looks JUST like you! Such a sweet pic of her and daddy napping! Love ur hair! Have a good picnic!