Monday, June 1, 2009

Maybe I should play the lottery??

I swear... I never win anything by chance. But this is the SECOND time in a week that I have won a giveaway online! This time it was a lovely assortment of felt plushies from ThreeFive18!!

Layla is going to love these little guys! I can't wait to get them!

Both giveaways that I won, all I did was comment on the blog, twitter about it and write up a little blog post about the giveaway. Not that hard, I think. Check out other wonderful items from these amazing etsians at and

And hey, maybe enter a giveaway once in a while... you just might win!

Off to the grocery store... Have a great evening!



urbancraft said...

nice score!

JoJoBeans said...

I love winning stuff. I think I'll go enter some more giveaways. :)

Che Birba said...

Hi...I'm Laura from Italy; I made felt food