Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lost in a Sea of Fabric!

Someone HELP ME!
There are so many beautiful fabrics out there... I can't choose!
Anyone have a suggestion?? A favorite??
Even if its not one I have pictured... I would like to hear!


RoxyChic0529 said...

Holy cow! i having trouble picking a few out of all the ones in the pics you posted! lol but i will narrow it down and pick a few of my fav's from the ones you have shown. okay, in the first pic i like the 1st and 3rd fabrics. in the second pic, i like the 2cd fabric. in the third pic i like the 1st, 3rd and 4th fabrics. and in the fourth pic, i like all but the 1st fabric. i hope this helps!

RoxyChic0529 said...

thanks for the comment. and thanks to bryan for fighting for our freedom! :) when and where to does he deploy? i admire you as an army wife. idk how you do it.

JoJoBeans said...

sounds like heaven!