Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Anatomy of our Feet!

I really am not a big fan of feet. But these just make me laugh out loud.

Layla went diving in the unwanted sock basket and found two that match (or so she thinks)!!! I swear I didn't put them on her, she did that all herself, my little fashion diva!

That's the bottom of Bryan's foot. Do Men's socks have pink writing on them??? I don't think so! He said he likes the way they fit better. So the purchase from the women's sock isle was intentional. I hope no one saw him! The fact that we have a need for "DRY" socks makes me want to gag! uhhh....

And more Layla... I sneaky suspicion that her Daddy taught her that funny face. He's trying to ruin my perfectly sweet little girl! This man needs a son...bad...dont get any ideas (Andrea).

Shop Talk: I sold the Toddler Memory book that I worked on forever today. $60!!! yay! Its bittersweet. But now I can go buy fabric! I've gotten more items listed. Some more bags and a cool wallet. I've been gathering feedback in chatrooms today and they are a hit! One woman wants me to make her a bunch for her bridesmaids! I won't hold my breath, but here's to looking up to something better! I'll be listing another wallet tonight so check it out!


Well, gotta get this kid in bed and my self bathed. Wouldn't want to have anything to do with DRY socks!!!

Have a good night!



RoxyChic0529 said...

i am not a fan of feet either. lol your Layla is gettin so big and more and more beautiful! oh and i like how your hubby secretly buys womans socks. lol well, i guess the secrets out now. congrats on the memory book sale! love the new clutches and wallets too! :)

JoJoBeans said...

Do you have a picture of the toddler memory book? I'd really like to see it.

Gretchen said...

I do Have a few pictures of the Toodler book. I blogged about it. The post is in the May section of my posts.. its should say toddler memory book yay! or something like that! Have a look! I loved it!