Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Picture Taking.

Anyone who takes their own pictures for etsy listings will tell you, it's not easy. Things inevitably come out blurry or with the wrong tint. Its just NUTS!

I have to say... above is one of the first pictures of beads I took... I think I'm getting better at it. See Below...

Some are still a little blurry up front, but not bad. Theres only so much I can do and unless I can sell something, I dont see a digital SLR in my future. ::tear:: Why am I taking pictures of beads anyways???

I love these Wristlets!!! Love the fabric, love the yoyo, love the button! So easy for just going out for a little bit. I really dont have the extra hands to carry a huge purse and whatnot. I need to hold Layla's hand down the stairs still! I will be listing more today once I get them made. I'm waiting until about 8pm though.. I feel there is more etsy traffic then.

Check them out!

Well, off to the races! Have a Great Day!!!


1 comment:

RoxyChic0529 said...

I never realized how hard it is to take the pictures for your Etsy page. you seem to be doing just fine with it tho. :) i couldn't do it. more power to ya!