Friday, May 15, 2009

The only thing the Army ever gave me for free...

I've been talking for weeks about getting another work table for my scrapbooking but we really dont have the money for all that right now. So I'm stuck working on the floor.

Last night, after running back and forth through post taking Bryan needless items, I finally get home and get my shoes off, and I get a picture message. Bryan found a desk in one of the conference rooms at work that they were just going to throw in the dumpster!! He said he grabbed it and I would have it when he got home.

This morning, he comes dragging butt into the house, after being up all night, with no desk! He said somone snagged it before he could get it into the truck. And they took the Girl scout cookies that were in it too!!! Bummer!! I was really upset... almost in tears. I had rearranged my studio to fit the desk and cleaned up, all ready for the new addition! No Desk! *sigh*

So, heartbroken, I pick myself up and head to the grocery store with Layla, (some guy tells me I am beautiful in the frozen isle...*rolls eyes*). I get back from the store, unload everything put it all away, and drag myself to the office to re-rearrange. The door is locked... hummm....I break a nail trying to get in and low and behold, there sits my desk!! yay!!!

Bryan said he forgot it and went back this morning for it. Poor thing! He's been up all night long and went all the way back to work for the desk for me. AND hauled it up the stairs by himself! I love this man!!! Now I dont have to break my back sitting on the floor to work! And there were two boxes of Thin Mints in the drawer! Yippee!!!!
The desk is a piece of work, really. People have written in the drawers, its dirty and scratched. On the other hand, I think one day it will make for a great story. An heirloom maybe. Kinda like when Bryan's Grandparents brought back an antique china hutch from Germany when Grandpa was in the Airforce. It will be a peice of our history, it had once belonged to the United States Army and now it belongs to me!
I uploaded my labor of love to etsy today... we will see how it turns out!
Have a great day everyone!!

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