Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Rights as a Mother and a Woman!!

I read a post the other day, can't remember where it was, but the woman listed her Motherly rights. It so intrigued me that I had to write my own.

I have a right....

to watch something on TV besides noggin.
to look in the mirror and not see splattered toothpaste
to look through a window and not see fingerprints
to watch tv without looking through crayon marks
to see the carpet on my floor and not an endless writhing mass of toys, teddy grahams half eaten string cheese
to use the restroom with the door shut and no one coming in
to take a shower alone
to get out of the shower without being harrassed
to be free from cooking one night a week. No take-out. Just someone else cooking
to have an hour of "Me Time" in the evening
to shut my studio door and not be bothered
to have someone else put the laundry away
to sleep in or take a nap on Sunday
to put on make-up without the "Why are you getting all dolled up?" commentary
to buy something I've worked for without guilt
to have a glass of wine and a hot bath without wondering who's watching the baby
to go to the gracery store alone.
to have clothes that fit me now. Not when I was pregnant or when I was 17
to not have to look amazing every second of every day
to not be constantly bombarded with photos of what I should look like at 22
to be content with the fact that I am not graduating college this month, but I have a beautiful daughter and my own home.
to buy organic, healthy foods without paying extra
to have my couch cleaned and it not be gooped up the very next day
to keep a journal and have it not be read by prying eyes
to express myself without fear of rejection
to create without fear of failure.

Too much to ask?? Maybe in a perfect world...

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