Monday, May 4, 2009

Mother's Day Whoooohaaa!

Wow! This weekend we had tons to get done! Mother's day gifts, baby shower gifts, packaging, cleaning, the whole shebang. Thankfully, We got everything done and shipped today!! Yay!! All of this resulted in 6 sales today!! I can't believe it!

One of my sales was a little weird though. I made a custom ring for a woman I met in an Etsy chatroom. I listed it and sent her a convo telling her it was ready. At the same time, I was in a chatroom and a girl *whispers* to me that she bought one of my items! "Awesome" I say and head over to my etsy to see what it was.

Get this. She bought the ring reserved for someone else!! Now, I realize that some people are new to Etsy and dont really know what they are doing, but come on. It said reserved for SPOOLOFPLENTY in the title! Seriously. So I made another ring and relisted the item. The intended has not bought it yet...

I told Bryan that he had to make his mom's Mother's day gift. He did. It took him 3 days to make a necklace and earrings. Talk about time is money! It came out really well though, and now he's bugging me to make more. At least my jewelry supplies arent going to waste!

I think I'm talking to myself here... we'll find out!

xo Gretchen

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