Friday, May 1, 2009

Cutesie Box Bag Tutorial!!!

I came across these bags on Etsy and just had to figure out how to make them. Knowing what I know about making bags, I set off on a trip that would take me awhile,but I figured it out. Now I will show you! Hopefully you end up with a cutesie little bag for yourself... Here Goes!!!

Tools: Sewing Machine

Zipper Foot (I didn't use one)

Measuring Tape

Scissors or Rotary Cutter
Materials: 2 contrasting Fat quarters of whatever you like!
Matching Thread
Scrap Fusable Interfacing
7 in. zipper ( I used a 9 in zipper. My bag came out longer. You decide)

Cut: Outer fabric 15x11 in.
Lining Fabric 15x11 in.
10x5 in. for handle
5x4 in. for pull tab
Interfacing 1x9 in for handle

1x4 in. for pull tab

Make ready your materials!

1. Cut and Iron all peices for bag.

2. Fuse interfacing to handle and tab. Make this a little offset to one side. This will make folding the handle and tab before sewing easier.
3. While at your ironing board, let's make the handles. Start by folding one long end of the handle in 1 inch. Press! Then fold the other end 1/2 inch. Press. Fold again 1 in. Press again. The two edges should overlap. Repeat for Pull Tab.
4. Sew a line down the middle and each side of the handle and pull tab. This will
stabalize the handles. In the end, you should have this....

Assemble Bag

1. Layer fabrics as follows: Lining facing up, zipper facing up and outer fabric facing down. Line up the faw edges of the fabrics and zipper and pin. Zipper Sandwich!!!!

2. Stitch down the edge (1/4" from the edge) of your sandwich with your zipper foot. Please do not get too close to the zipper. The fabric will get caught in the zipper and we all know how that feels on skin! Don't forget to back-stitch the ends!

3. Turn right side out. Press the edges next to the zipper and topstitch that edge.

Hard Part

1. Make a loop with outer fabric, face to face, match with other raw edge of zipper. Do the same with lining fabric. Match all raw edges making a zipper sandwich again. Lining and outer fabric will be separate loops (like Bunny ears!). Bottom of loops should match up. Trim at the top if neccessary.

2. Stitch the same as you did with the other zipper edge. If you are confused with this step, just play with the fabric and think logically about how the bag should look.

3. Unzip bag all the way. Iron and top stitch again. This may take some finessing. Just GO SLOW and stitch carefully. End up with this...

Pull Tab:

1. Turn bag inside out and zip bag up. Lay flat and trim ends of fabric to match ends of the zipper.

2. Make sure the bag is flat and the zipper is centered on the bag.

3. Fold pull tab in half. Place between the edges of the bag at the bottom (opposite end of zipper pull). Loop should be inside the bag with raw edges meeting raw edges of the bag.

4. Stitch along bottom of bag, back-stitching over the tab to make it strong.

5. UNZIP BAG!!!! If you dont, you better find a seam ripper, this is gonna be good! Now that you have unzipped the bag, you can run a stitch along the top of the bag too. Dont forget to back-stitch!

6. Turn bag rightside out. You could stop here if you just want a lined pouch. Follow along if you want the whole shibang! It should look like this...

Making the box!

1. Turn bag inside out again. Press edges.

2. On a corner at the bottom of the bag, fold to match the seam and the pressed edge. Measure 2.5 inches across the edge. Mark your line and stitch on that line. Try to keep the line as perpendicular to the seam as possible. This will make for a more squared bag.

3. Repeat on other bottom corner.

4. On the top corners you will be adding the handle. Before sewing the corner, add the handle FROM THE INSIDE of the bag. This will put them on the outside when you are finished. Sew the corners just as you did the others, back-stitching over the handle to make it strong.

5. Cut the excess fabric off the corners between the tip and the seam about 1/4 in out.

6. Turn bag right side out and PRESTO!!! You have a cutesie bag!!!! Ready to hold your goodies and go anywhere!

I hope this has helped you make a really neat bag. If you have any questions, please ask! I will be more than happy to help! Have fun!!!


albeaton said...

Just want to let you know that after ripping out about three bajillizon seams on a side box bag with a zipper - I did a frustrated google, and your tutorial seriously was the only one that I got right on the first try.

Bless you.

PS - I think it was the "bunny ears" that finally clicked. Whatever works, I guess.

Che Birba said...

Wow! we are peers but you are already wife and mother...congratulation!

I'm from Italy and I'd like to invite you to visite my blog about sewing, cooking and others...

bye bye Laura

p.s. this tutorial is perfect!

Kak Ina said...

awsome !!!!! yr tutorial is helpful! tqvm

Sinn-no-men said...

This is exactly what I've been looking for...can't wait to try it! :)

max said...

I love this tote bag. It is the perfect size and really handy. I think I may have to make them for everyone I know because who couldn’t need another tote bag!
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Pandora's box: indie handmade said...

Very cute bag! The tutorial is really well done, thank you very much!
I just started a blog and I am posting some tutorial as well :)