Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Oh the suspense!!!

I cannot rip myself away from this dang computer today! Goodness!!

Things I AM doing:

1. waiting for the reveal of the winners of the ACETeam Scavanger hunt

2. Researching to see if I should sell my jewelry supplies... I'm bored with it.

3. Counting flowers on the wall... actually not but I feel like it.

Things I SHOULD BE doing:

1. Cleaning.

2. packing for the trip.

3. doing something with this awesome fabric I picked up. Uhh... I'm a sucker for fabric.

4. taking out the garbage

5. anything besides what I am currently doing.

I am such a procrastinator! Dont be decieved. I made this pendant days ago. If only I could take my sewing machine with me. Maybe Id be more likely to start something now.
In other news, Layla's sick....again!
The patch didnt work. Just made me itch real bad.
I made another sale on etsy!
2 days until I leave for GA! woot!
Get down with your bad self and visit my esty while youre at it.


Tracey Gurley said...

I am excited to get the ring I ordered from you today!! :)

Valerie's Essentials said...

Girl hang in there... Your things are sooo cute! The dolls are cute! I hope we get to see pics of your precious one soon. Most of us from Ace have little ones. Glad you are feeling better. Make sure you tell your Hubby that I say Thank You! People in the service put their lives on the line and protects the whole country. And that's special!