Monday, April 27, 2009

My time with Russian Nesting Dolls

When I was in Ga, we went to Hobby Lobby looking for an unfinished doll-house for Layla's Birthday. We couldn't find what we wanted, so I got something else. Looking back I was upset about the doll house, now I know God must have saved me from years of work just put the thing up so she wouldn't break it. Useless I see now.

What I got was a set of Russian Nesting Dolls. Maybe they aren't Russian since they arent painted, maybe they are mine! I'm working on them a little bit today. The day after I got them, Layla was playing with Bryan's Dads 100 year old set of nesting houses. She normally wouldnt get to play with them but she was hooked. I'm glad I got them. Nothing to break. Hopefully they come out well.

After 3 coats of white paint, two coats over the design 2 coats of glitter and 3 coats for Mod Podge, I see I will not be finishing them today. Bryan said something about me selling them. The only way I would feel that I was getting my times worth would be to sell them for $100. I dont know anyone who would buy them for that.

I decided to up the ante a little. In my family we have five generations of first born daughters. Think about that for a sec. My Great-Grandma (Gee-Gee) is a first born daughter. Her first born was my Grandma (Noni). Noni's first born was my Mom. I am my mom's first born and Layla is my first born. IN every generation, the first born child was a girl and direct lineage with Layla. There are five nesting dolls in the set. So I am making one to represent each of the five generations. Here's the first one, my Gee-Gee.

Silver Glittery hair and all. Can't follow??? Just consider that my daughter's Great-Great Grandmother is still alive. That's a miracle in of itself!

In other news, I made a slew of vintage-style button earrings. I caught Layla dumping out the button jar. Just like me and my sister used to do at Noni's when we were little. Ignore the state of my studio/office. We just finished rearranging to find that my sister and her son will be staying with us for a while. Time to re-re-arrange....hehe.

Time for chicken and dumplins!!! Have a great day!

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