Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Bag that kicked my BUTT!!

All together, I broke 4 machine needles, ripped 3 seams, smelled my motor burning constantly and stabbed myself with pins...ummm...too many to count. Pouted. Growled. Slammed my head on the table. Let's just say, I'm never lining a bag with fleece EVER AGAIN!!!!! It came out really nicely though!

And here are some bags that didnt kick my butt...

This one is big enough for diapers and wipes. Lunch. Wallet, phone, keys, sunglasses.
Fully Lined too!! Strap fits nicely over the crook of my arm.

My intention was to make cubes. But I like the way they came out. I like making them too. It was a little confusing at first, but I got it. Actually quite enjoyable!

After all that, my iron decided to take a crap on me. So I'll be going to Target today to get a new one (and Diapers). I would go to Wally World, but I feel the going to Target is a much more pleasant experience. I dont need anymore garbage today.


Calen said...

I like how you really got GeeGees hair the right color.

More pepper than salt, I would say.

Its an awesome idea too.

Calen said...

ps. I totally suck. Cant even comment the correct post.

Im deleting myself from the computer world forever.

Where is the I-read-it-all-now-can-I-comment-it-all button?

Gretchen said...

hahaha... dont worry about it! a comment is a comment!