Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend Vacay at Shell Island

A moment of spontaneous combustion. I booked a hotel room for the weekend in Wrightsville Beach at an insanely low winter rate. Of course, we couldn't go more than 100 miles away... opps it was something like 129 miles. Dont tell the Army.

I've been aching for the beach ever since the first hint of spring. We used to be able to get to the beach year round in less than an hour, now it takes us at least 2. We are self-confessed beach bums and we love it!

Layla was having a little issue with the sand. She wouldn't move off the blanket. Not like she's never seen sand before. I had her at the beach when she was 5 months old, for srying out loud. Maybe it was a shell... I dont know. Eventually she got over it and was running like a mad woman through the puddles on the sand bar!

All in all, it was a good weekend and it went by way to fast. The ride home was a quiet one. Everyone slept (besides me) with the warm air blowing through the windows. I can't wait for white sandy beaches in Florida this summer!

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