Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Off to Open an Etsy Store!!


After months of trying to figure out a name for my store, I finally figured it out! NOOO... I'm not telling yet! You'll have to check back when I open to see the name. But I'll give you a little preview of what I'll be selling!

I've heard that the jewelry market on Etsy is saturated, but I'll run the risk. The more stuff I sell, the more I can make. That's where the fun is right?? I love making jewelry and aprons and such, but I have to sell them to make more. So the cycle begins!

OH, going to a tattoo parlor today! Evolution Ink! I post my jewelry on and generate some good business that way. A woman ordered two of the bracelets shown above from me and asked if I could deliver them to her husband at work. Turns out he owns the best tattoo place here in Fayetteville. Bryan's excited, hoping I can "get in good" with them and get him a discount for the tattoo he's wanted forever. I think I'll stay away from the needles this time. I tend to pass out.

Layla's awake so it's goodbye queit time and of to the races. Have a wonderful day!!!

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